Our Proposals

In consultation with organisations representing all sectors of the UK farming and food supply chain, SCIMAC has developed framework proposals to address – through existing industry systems - the UK Government’s stated policy objectives on GM crop co-existence and liability. The six-point plan is summarised in the table below:

Action Description Delivery
1. Code of Practice

Practical guidelines for growing and handling GM crops

Updated version of existing SCIMAC Code of Practice and on-farm guidelines

2. Compliance

Measures requiring GM growers to observe guidelines

Incorporation of SCIMAC protocols into existing farm assurance schemes

3. Audit

Independent verification of GM growers’ compliance

Annual on-farm inspection by independently accredited (EN45011) auditors

4. Oversight

Independent / Government monitoring of co-existence in practice

GM Inspectorate / Rural Payments Agency/Other

5. Co-responsibility

Mechanism(s) to ensure co-operation between neighbouring growers

Separation distance and notification arrangements given statutory backing through secondary legislation

6. Redress

Mechanism(s) to restore the marketing position of non-GM farmers whose produce exceeds the 0.9% GM labelling threshold through no fault of their own

SCIMAC Redress Charter, delivered through conditions attached to existing seed licensing, farm assurance and contractual arrangements

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